The Greater Milford Area Historical Society (GMAHS) was founded in 1967 as part of an effort to discover more about the history of Milford and Miami Township, Ohio, and educate others. This organization originally worked out of a property at 114 Main Street, establishing a historic museum that filled the whole building. In 1983, James Kirgan left his home, Promont, to the society in his will, allowing GMAHS to move its growing collection into the mansion at 906 Main Street, where it remains today.

GMAHS thrives on the mission to collect, preserve, interpret, and promote the aforementioned area’s history. We work closely with a range of local organizations and schools through expanded educational programs and have developed a landmark preservation initiative that allows us to preserve important locations in our area’s past.

Promont, the Victorian house museum of the Greater Milford Area Historical Society

Most importantly, GMAHS has worked to preserve Promont, the historic Victorian house pictured above. Over the course of the last few decades, Promont has undergone numerous renovations to help preserve its historic integrity, allowing GMAHS to continue to offer tours of the house and its exhibits.

Our organization is volunteer based, which means we’re always looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to run our programs. If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer, get in touch via info@milfordhistory.net or call us at 513.248.0324.

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