Clermont County Quilt Registry

The Clermont County Quilt Registry is a program that documents quilts made in Clermont County, Ohio before 1950. It also documents the quilts of families that relocated to Clermont in the 19th century. This means you can register your own historic quilt and discover more about it.

Each quilt submission with be researched and the Registry will include all available history on it. This includes:

  • The maker and/or family name
  • Quilt pattern
  • Size
  • Fabric types
  • Number of stitches per inch (SPI
  • Where the quilt is believed to have been sewn or made
  • Any interesting history about the quilt, if available

To register a quilt, it costs $10. If you’re interested in registering, contact us at (513) 248-0324 or email us at