Milford was founded in 1797, when Rev. Francis McCormick received a land grant from the US Government for his service in the Revolutionary War. He was a Methodist minister, and held the first Methodist class in the Northwest Territory.

By 1811, the area became known as Milford due to the number of mills located on this stretch of the Little Miami River, and because there was a safe fording place. The Ohio General Assembly built a wooden bridge across the river in 1818, making Milford the home of the first bridge in the area. Eventually, it was replaced in 1894 with an iron bridge.

When the Little Miami Railroad arrived in Milford in 1841, it built a train station, which is still standing, allowing more visitors to come to Milford. While the train line was discontinued in 1969, the railroad – and station – are still used today as the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which stretches 75 miles from Newton to Springfield, which is Dayton, Ohio.

Milford officially became a city in 1982, when it reached 5,232 residents. Now, it continues to flourish with many historic buildings standing the test of time and remaining in use.

As you walk down Main Street in Old Milford, you can catch a glimpse of the past, since many of the buildings there now have been there for centuries. You can even see history unfold before your eyes if you stop by the site of the Mill Croft Inn, which is currently being restored to its former glory.